Zyffy Laundry service - we will pick up your dirty laundry and drop it off to your home or office when its done! The service is provided with highest quality. 

Through Zyffy app you can order laundry of the following items.


You get your washed and ironed clothes back within 48 hrs from the time you placed the order


Dress shirt, T-shirt, Jeans                                 


Bed linen will be washed, dried to be soft and fluffy and ironed

Single and double sets (flat sheet, blanket cover, pillowcase) 


Your laundry will be picket up at the location and time you selected and will be dropped off to your home/office in next business day . (if you schedule pick up before 3 pm. After 3pm pick up will be returned day after next business day )

If your laundry have missing care labels- we will provide the service at your own responsibility.

To order laundry service download the Zyffy app!